Starts at 60 is the only quality, award winning digital media brand dedicated to meeting the needs of older Australians.

They’re widely respected as the tier-one brand for over-60s, and engage the ‘wired retired’ generation more than any other digital media brand.

The Starts at 60 umbrella is made up of a comprehensive ecosystem of brands across general wellbeing, travel, discount memberships, financial planning and health.

Digital Loop Managing Director Chris Coufos can’t wait to showcase the opportunities available with this new partnership.

“Three quarters of the Starts at 60 audience surveyed said they come into contact with digital advertising daily. This represents a hugely untapped segment of the market that is often overlooked with targeted media,” said Coufos.

“The Starts at 60 audience is the most highly engaged audience I’ve seen in a long time – their eDM open rates are reaching up to 43%, which is massive.”

“They’ve got detailed data and insights into their audiences that they’re willing to share, to give Digital Loop’s clients maximum value.”

Interestingly, the Baby Boomer generation comprise 25% of the population, but hold 55% of the nation’s private wealth in their pockets.

“Starts at 60 presents a unique opportunity to market directly to this older generation, who have never been so active, financially aware, travel-hungry, and importantly, digital-savvy.”

Digital Loop’s media portfolio is now 11 channels strong in WA, giving clients premium access to all key Aussie demographics.

“With 11 channels under the Digital Loop belt, we can deliver immense scale across all key demographics and devices. This makes Digital Loop a very unique and powerful media offering, with a combined audience reach that would surpass most other digital media publishers out in market,” said Coufos.

Special intro packages are now available with Starts at 60, featuring premium display, video, content, social and email opportunities starting from $5k.

For more detail on packages, contact Chris Coufos at or +61 8 6261 3684.