Digital Loop continues to break new ground as the go-to agents for premium digital media publishers in WA.

The Roar is Australia’s largest independent sports website, combining expert columnists and athletes with edited fan-written sports articles and videos.

Reaching more than 4 million Aussies every month, The Roar (including Athletes Voice platform) provides a trusted source of content for passionate sports enthusiasts.

Digital Loop Managing Director Chris Coufos is thrilled to announce this new partnership.

“We’re delighted to be expanding into this new demographic, providing new and exciting opportunities for our clients to speak directly to these audiences,” said Coufos

“Through Digital Loop, clients have the ability to align with an award winning and trusted sports media brand. We can work closely with The Roar and Athletes Voice to integrate high profile sports personalities into media campaigns, leveraging their highly engaged and loyal online followings.”

Digital Loop’s premium media suite includes for The Guardian, VICE, Mamamia, Evolve Media, The Brag Media, InMobi, Ziff Davis, Student Edge, RTRFM 92.1 and now The Roar.

“With 10 media channels under our belt, and growing all the time, Digital Loop has access to immense audience numbers across all demographics and devices. This makes Digital Loop a very unique and powerful media offering, with a combined audience reach that would surpass most other digital media publishers out in market,” Coufos added.

For more detail on packages, drop Chris Coufos a line at or +61 8 6261 3684.