Australia’s largest women’s media company.

Founded in 2007 by former magazine editor Mia Freedman, Mamamia has grown to over 80 staff, with millions of monthly readers and millions more podcast listeners.

Mamamia is the #1 publisher at engaging women, including search, msn, apple news, podcast downloads and social media.

Quick Stats

  • To make the world a better place for Women and Girls.
  • #1 for site engagement
  • AU #1 Independent Podcast Network

Mamamia represents a complete media network across lifestyle, video, podcasts and influencers.

To her, Mamamia is more than just a brand:

  • 81% state Mamamia is a favourite brand,
  • 85% would think about buying something that Mamamia has recommended, and
  • 71% state Mamamia know what they’re talking about, so they listen to what we have to say.