InMobi’s seamless new ad experience available now

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Australia’s #1 independent mobile ad network, InMobi, has launched a unique new ad format. 

Based on consumer insight, the new Social Display Ad format is built to maximise cut-through and engagement, while saving you time and creative development costs. 

In as little as half an hour, InMobi can develop one of your existing social posts into a fully-fledged in-app ad, to roll out across their platform.

How does it work? Social display ad is explained

This new offering makes your ads look and feel like social content rather than a traditional ad. This creates a positive experience with consumers as social content is something they’ve opted to engage with, as opposed to a traditional ad.

How does it compare? Comparison chart between traditional ads and social display ads with a list of features

Be one of the first to take advantage of this brand new offering from InMobi. 

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